Why I Took a Break From Writing.

Why I Took a Break From Writing.

I needed it. I needed to take the break. Now I am perfect and good to go!

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Well, a simple answer to this; I was tired and overwhelmed.

tired I am meme

I had signed up for a lot of competitions, boot camps, and hackathons, and had a lot of personal stuff I needed to do. It was too much so had to rest.

The other thing is that I had completely run out of ideas on what to write, especially for my technical blog. I was also focusing on the number of views I was getting on every article I get and sometimes that does not go well.



I know I’m not alone who is struggling with a lot and trying to keep up the fast-moving world in software development and tech in general. In the middle of catching up with all the updates, we get all mixed in the mix and forget the most important thing, mental health.

ok not to be ok

I have always ignored whatever mental health or issues have to do with, but at some point, I couldn’t and had to stop that.

Personally, I hate reading lengthy articles, especially if they are not technical, I would end by saying you don’t have to do everything or try and participate in everything, evaluate your capabilities and go with what is perfect for you.


If you feel tired or overwhelmed, just take a rest, long or short. Just don’t quit.

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