My Current Project(s)

My Current Project(s)

An update to what I'm currently up to ...

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I started focusing on projects that would land me my first ever software development job this week. So I have been dealing with creating applications with functionalities that introduce me to the most commonly used features throughout the industry.

So I have been working on payment integrations and re-designing my portfolio.

I love following the 'Build as I Learn' technique, so I started two projects, one called ' Fundraiser ' and the other one ' Community Space '.

Fundraiser :

This is a donations application, I will be creating a campaign to help me get a MacBook (LOL). The front end is built using NextJS and Tailwind CSS.

For the payments, I will be using Stripe, to make it easier for card payments.

Community Space

I spend most of my time in a community workspace, for the strong internet and of course the calm environment (It's just next to the ocean). So I am building this application that will enable community space booking, including the hall for corporate events.

For the frontend, I am using NextJS and Bootstrap. I will add the booking/saving a spot feature and sending a confirmation receipt via email/phone number (I have never done that before, So help me Code - LOL)

The Tech Stack

I am using React/Next for all the projects because I want to perfect the skills professionally and also build scalable applications that are up to WCAG standards.

I love challenging myself, so working with all projects that have to deal with payment integration will keep me up to pace with my timings and skills.

I also started working the "Professional Way". Yes, I use Trello to plan the project timeline and workflow. I feel like I worth more and need to use better tools for this.

The End/

Written by Chris