Deploying A React app on GitHub Pages

Deploying A React app on GitHub Pages

How To deploy a react app using GitHub Pages in Simple Steps

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GitHub offers more than just a host for your code. In this short tutorial, I will walk you through deploying a static react app/project on GitHub Pages.

I will be using one of my React projects from GitHub:

A programmer's learning tool is by practicing --I said that...

Let's Get Started:

This tutorial assumes you already have your react project setup and ready to deploy

Step 1: Install the Dependencies (gh-pages):

I use npm for my projects, so while in your project root directory, open the project on your terminal or cmd (windows).

Install the gh-pages package as a dev-dependency of the app

npm install gh-pages --save-dev

Step 2: Define Homepage in package.json

In the package.json file in your react app and add homepage property using the given syntax:


Where {username} is your GitHub username, and {repo-name} is the name of the GitHub repository. Below is an example for my project:

"homepage": "",
  "name": "myrepos",
  "homepage": "",
  "version": "0.1.0",
  "private": true,

Step 3: Deploy script in package.json file

Now we can add the deploy script in the package.json file. In the existing scripts property, add a predeploy property and a deploy property, each having the values shown below:

"scripts": {
  // some code before
  "predeploy": "npm run build",
  "deploy": "gh-pages -d build"

So your "scripts" should look like this:

  "scripts": {
    "start": "react-scripts start",
    "predeploy": "npm run build",
    "deploy": "gh-pages -d build",
    "build": "react-scripts build",
    "test": "react-scripts test",
    "eject": "react-scripts eject"

Step 4: Deploy Your App

Update your GitHub repository using git commands:

npm run deploy

Step 5: Commit and Push to GitHub

On your project terminal, run the deploy script

git add .
git commit -m "gh-pages deploy"
git push

Kudos your React app is ready for view... on the URL:


Deployment Preview

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