Facebook Page Like Button

Facebook Page Like Button

Generate a like button for your FB page in seconds

Apr 1, 2021ยท

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Do you have a Facebook Page and would love to promote it over your website or any site at all? A Like button is all you need. No technical procedures, just click and copy!

Facebook like button

Facebook like button

Let's make one in few simple steps:

Go to Facebook developer's site

Facebook developer:

You will find all tools and stuff you could utilize provided by Facebook open source and APIs.

Go to the docs page: developers.facebook.com/docs and hover over the docs section on the navigation bar at the top, and select the Like Button - Social plugin:

Screenshot from 2021-04-01 00-10-19.png

Like Button - Social Plugin

Customize your Page's button

While still on the current page, go to the section Get a Customized Like Button


Paste the Facebook page URL you'd like to create the like button in the URL to like input.

Select the layout of the button, action type, and button size from the options listed.

Action Type


Button layout


Button Size


Once you are done with the selections, click on Get the code:



You can copy the code snippet into your website to start promoting your Facebook page:

Check out the example below:

Written with ๐Ÿ’œ by Chris Achinga