Developer Communities In Kenya

Developer Communities In Kenya

A list of Developer Communities You can Join in Kenya. The article covers communities in major Kenyan Cities/Towns: Mombasa, Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret.


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2022 has seen growth in Developer communities and Tech events in Kenya. There are now many communities that developers can benefit from just by being a part of. This article will list some of them and how to join the communities.

Only Devs

Only Devs is a developer Community from Mombasa. It started from a Payment Integration Hackathon, and they have been active ever since. They have weekly sessions on Fridays at Techbridge Invest, where they share skills and knowledge and hold hands-on code sessions.

Join the Community Through:

GDG Nairobi

GDG Nairobi is a welcoming group of volunteer geeks that enthusiastically share their knowledge of Google technologies and work on new initiatives. The community organizes conferences, hackathons, and workshops to advance technological literacy and the development environment of the nation. Additionally, most of these events are free since the only barrier to education should be the will of people who wish to study it.

Be part of the community through:


This is an Africa Open-Source Community Looking To Change The Way Young Africans Get Started In Technology. The community is very active and has grown a lot in the past year.

They have weekly Twitter Spaces and Podcasts that improve the technical skills of community members.

Open Source Community Africa Nairobi

This community helps members get the necessary skills to start, contribute and maintain open-source projects.

Angular Kenya

Angular Kenya helps developer members become proficient in Angular programming

React Developer Community Kenya

The community focuses on React library and related frameworks and technologies.

Other Communities:

Flutter Mombasa

A relatively new community for Flutter Devs in Mombasa, organized by:

Atlassian Community Nairobi

This community brings Atlassian team collaboration & productivity tools users together to share knowledge and connect. Unleashing the potential of every team.


There are a lot of tech communities around Kenya that are worth your time, this article has highlighted major ones but feel free to do your research.

Written with ๐Ÿ’œ by Chris Achinga