Dev Tech Questions - Facebook Developer Circle: Mombasa

Dev Tech Questions - Facebook Developer Circle: Mombasa

A Weekly post on Developer tech Questions on my Developer Community Facebook Group. (DevC Mombasa)

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As this is an appreciation post, I will be highlighting all the posts on the Dev Tech Question on my Community's Facebook Group.

The Community

I am a proud member of the Facebook Developer Circle Mombasa. With great members who share valuable ideas, opportunities, and various solutions to bugs and code-related issues.


The Dev Tech Questions

The program was officially introduced in October 2020 by one of the greatest leads, Ingari A. Joan.

I'll highlight a few posts I made for the Dev Tech Question below:

1. HTTP response status codes


When developing websites on applications that connect to the internet, it is useful to know when a request made has been responded to by a server. HTTP Response codes help us know the status of the requests made on our applications.


I decided to write an article listing the most common status codes that one should like at least have an idea of what they mean.

2. Array Cardio (JavaScript)


This one a test on various methods and operations one can perform with a given array.

const students = [ 
  { name: "Irene", yearStarted: 2015, yearCompleted: 2019 }, 
  { name: "Jamila", yearStarted: 2019, yearCompleted: 2020 }, 
  { name: "Swabra", yearStarted: 2018, yearCompleted: 2022 }, 
  { name: "Ali", yearStarted: 2000, yearCompleted: 2007 }, 
  { name: "Chris", yearStarted: 2001, yearCompleted: 2006 }, 
  { name: "Ken", yearStarted: 2020, yearCompleted: 2024 }, 
  { name: "Shantel", yearStarted: 2015, yearCompleted: 2021 }, 
  { name: "Martin", yearStarted: 2018, yearCompleted: 2020 }, 
  { name: "Salma", yearStarted: 2015, yearCompleted: 2019 },

The two questions asked were:

  • Filter the array to get students who started in 2015 (use .fiter)
  • Sort the Students alphabetically (use .sort)

Do you think you can solve the above question?

Submit your answer on the Facebook Group or comment below!

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