A Penny For My Thoughts

A Penny For My Thoughts

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It's the time of the year we get alot of "top language of the year" kind of talks every where. In addition to that, the "What to expect as a dev in the next year" stuff too.

It's not a bad thought to read the stuff, or watch, or listen. I've had friends who switched their tech stack just because some language or tool was mostly used, and it didn't end up well.

I always advise myself to go with what is good for what I'm trying to solve or create, I wouldn't care what language or tool I use as long as it delivers the desirable results. That's why I avoid "this" vs "this" dubbed items online. At some point they help but no.

I wouldn't rate my success within a 365-day period, that kind of limits my expectations and goals that I want to achieve. I mean, there's no reason or excuse to wait till "next year" to start learning a tech tool or something, like there's nothing to lose by just starting.

A mistake I have done, and maybe still doing is starting alot of projects and not completing them, not even getting halfway done. I regret not finishing them at the same time I don't do nothing about it, procrastinating is a weakness I'll try to get it out of my system.

About a month ago, I made a pact to myself, " Chris, a day shouldn't pass without making at lease a commit on your GitHub projects."

Yeah I know GitHub commits do not prove ones productivity, but on my side, I'm getting better at my coding styles, development styles and even started open source projects, and contributed to some.

When it comes to work, there's a saying in my language "Mchagua jembe si mkulima". It simply translates to anyone in need of assistance, should not choose where the assistance comes from.

I don't have a job, not employed, but I won't just apply for any job available. I feel that I have been shaping myself to be the best and would want to work where my contribution gets the respect ot deserves. I mean it's not bad to want to work for Facebook (my dream employer) ot Netflix or Google or Amazon.

I have a lot of stuff on my head, all I can tell myself is that I will do my best to make myself the best of me, help my colleague and anyone in need.

I will keep doing what I do till I get to being comfortable writing code and making impact.