10 Developer YouTube Channels You Should Visit

10 Developer YouTube Channels You Should Visit

Learn from top developers channels on YouTube

Learning never ends, especially for developers. That is why we have a lot of people who have sacrificed a lot to create great content for the developers' ecosystem.

In as much as most content can be gotten for free, we should be aware of vague content and/or resources that will make you think twice about your career.

I have made a list of 10 developer channels that I highly recommend if you'd love to learn and keep yourself updated.

Not that this list does not favor any channel or sponsored to appear here by any chance. These are purely educational and motivational content and not the "Daily Life of a Software engineer" kinda gigs.

YouTube Channels

1. Traversy Media

The Channel is managed by Traversy Media. Any content on web development is available and with demo source codes. I would recommend this channel to anyone, especially beginners.

Additional motivational content is published in the channel too, so don't worry about mental exhaustion.

2. freeCodeCamp.org

You can find literally anything on programming on this channel, and it is great content created by developers of all niches. freecodecamp

3. Dennis Ivy

The channel by Dennis Ivy who creates web development content. He shares Django and JavaScript content regularly and recently started coding on live stream, which is really awesome and fun!

4. DThompsonDev

Danny Thompson has the best motivational content fro, developers, especially when you are from a different profession and moving into software dev, he is your guy, he also has a very touching story.

5. Catalin's Tech

Catalin Pit has a great YouTube channel with as good content as his blog articles. He has great tutorials in web development that'd recommend anyone to follow along.

6. Web Dev Simplified

These videos will teach you HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through a beginner-friendly band website project

For unlimited web dev tutorials, this is the channel.

7. Ayushi Rawat

A channel by Ayush Rawat who also writes very amazing articles on hashnode.

She creates very useful content in Python and developer tools, with weekly video updates.

8. CodingEntrepreneurs

The channel has a lot f Python Django tutorials and web development techniques.

9. Francesco Ciulla

This is where you get cool coding live sessions and tutorials on using developer tools and languages/frameworks

10. Codemy.com

I found this channel when I was learning Django, and I was never disappointed at all. It has great project playlists from scratch to deployment.


Feel free to search for resources for your tech stack, don't let anything limit you, but try as much as possible to avoid biased content.


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