DevC Nairobi: Never Not a Community

DevC Nairobi: Never Not a Community

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DevC Nairobi: Never, Not a Community


I would like to take this time and write my appreciation to the diverse community that has made it all possible for me and all other members.

My Community

Being part of a community is a gateway to your career success. Developer communities play a larger part in fulfilling this.

Facebook Developer Circles: Nairobi has been really helpful to my career and a source of motivation to keep building a stronger foundation, and ooh yeah write clean code. The weekly posts by the admins and moderators, the campus communities, and the free quality courses are just but a few blessings from the community.

The DevC Programs

Every day of the week, I wake to amazing posts by the group that really fuel my day, take a look at them:

Medium Mondays

Every Monday, we get to read good and fun technical articles written by our very own members. They are inspiring and easy to understand.

Happy Hour Wednesdays

Previously during the Happy Hour Wednesdays, we’ve had Big O Notations challenges and examples to understand the algorithms and more.

Cafe Thursdays

Newly introduced and it’s all about Mentorship! This is surely a treasure to keep hunting for.

Fireside Fridays

Every Friday we get inspirations by reading interviews from experienced Developers in the field, how the came to achieve their goals and their day-to-day life. If this won’t make you work smarter to achieve your dreams and goals …

DevC Nairobi at Campus

Well, this goes without saying, it has offered a platform to practice leadership of communities and more ways to get engaged and network in the DevC Community. It’s all great.

To Conclude, I’d like to appreciate our leads, Carol, Eddie, Wambui, Jillo, and the whole squad. We all making coding simple, easy, and fun.